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Attain PTS card with Knight Learning

NO MYSTERY ABOUT THIS EXPRESS — HOW KNIGHT LEARNING CAN HELP YOU ATTAIN A PTS CARD AND ENTER THE RAILWAY INDUSTRY TODAY There has never been a better time to travel via the British rail system. With the economy taking its toll on private transportation and the British rail system taking off like it hasn’t in decades, travel by train has never been more practical or appealing. As such, there are a great many job opportunities for those wanting to [...]


THE PROMINENCE OF THE BRITISH RAILWAY SYSTEM From the works of Dickens, George Eliot, and D.H. Lawrence through to the present, the British railway system has been a part of the social fabric of this country. Studies show more citizens of the British Isles are travelling via rail now than at any point in time since the 1920s, and in all likelihood this trend towards the tracks is only going to continue. Railways are an integral part of both Britain’s [...]